15th August Independence Day PM Modi Speech in Hindi English

By | August 8, 2016

15th August Independence Day PM Modi Speech in Hindi English: Hello friends we are Back with a New Article on Indian Independence Day or We Can say That 15th August. Today is 70th Independence Day for India and as Usual, The Prime Minister of India is Going to Address the Nation with his Speech for Entire Planning for Next One Year, His Achievements, His Work Towards the Nation, Each, and Everything that he is Going to Do For His People. The Most famous Prime Minister of India Shri Narender Modi will Address the People of India. He is Know as One of The Best Speaker in the World. There are Some Magic in hIs Voice, His Attitude always Attract Everyone. Now Ready for His Speech. People, Ministers, Businessmen of India Eagerly waiting for his speech, his words. Check Below For 15th August Independence Day PM Modi Speech in Hindi English.

15th August Independence Day PM Modi Speech in Hindi English

15th August Independence Day PM Modi Speech in Hindi English

15th August PM Modi Speech in Hindi

15th August PM Modi Speech in English

My dear countrymen,

Today, all Indians in the country and also abroad are celebrating the festival of independence. On this day of the sacred festival of independence, the prime servant of India extends greetings to all dear countrymen.
I am present amidst you not as the Prime Minister, but as the Prime Servant. The freedom struggle was fought for so many years, so many generations laid down their lives, countless people sacrificed their lives and youth, spent their entire lives behind bars. Today, I pay my respect, greetings and homage to all those who laid their lives for the country`s independence.

I also pay my respects to the crores of citizens of this country on the pious occasion of India’s independence and recall all those martyrs who had laid down their lives in India’s struggle for freedom. The day of Independence is a festival when we take a solemn pledge of working for the welfare of mother India, and also for the well-being of the poor, oppressed, Dalits, the exploited & the backward people of our country.
My dear countrymen, a national festival, is an occasion to refine and rebuild the national character. This National festival inspires us to resolve ourselves to lead a life where our character gets improved further, to dedicate ourselves to the nation and our every activity is linked to the interest of the country and only then this festival of freedom can be a celebration of inspiration to take India to newer heights.

Having imbibed this basic mantra, 125 crore countrymen have taken the nation forward. Yesterday only the first Parliamentary Session of the new government had concluded.
Today, I can proudly say that the session of Parliament reflects our thinking, and it is a reflection of our intentions. We are not for moving forward by a majority; we are not interested in moving forward by majority. We want to go ahead by strong consensus. “Sangachhadhwam” and, therefore, the nation has witnessed the entire session of Parliament.
Having taken all the Parties and Opposition along while working shoulder to shoulder, we achieved unprecedented success, and the credit for this does not go to the Prime Minister alone, the credit does not go to the people sitting in the government. The credit for this goes to the Opposition . Also, the credit goes to all the leaders of Opposition too and also all the Members from Opposition.
From the ramparts of Red Fort, quite proudly I salute all the Members of Parliament, I also salute all the political parties and by their strong support, we could take some important decisions intended to take the nation forward and yesterday the Session of Parliament had concluded.
Brothers and sisters, I am an outsider for Delhi; I am not a native of Delhi. I have no idea about the administration and working of this place. I have been quite isolated from the elite class of this place but during the last two months while being an outsider, I had an insider view, and I was astonished. It is not a political platform, rather it is a platform of a national policy and, therefore, my views should not be evaluated from a political perspective.

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